The Serta Connection

Serta Mattresses—iComfort, iComfort Hybrid & Perfect Sleeper

Experience the Revolutionary Technology Used in Serta Mattresses

Serta Mattresses utilize revolutionary technologies so that you may find your ideal level of comfort. Better comfort equal better rest! Discover the technologies used in the Serta Mattresses at The Warehouse At Huck Finn. Serta has designed their mattresses from the inside out so that you can get the cooling comfort and support needed for a quality nights rest.

The Most Comfortable Mattress Experience From Serta

Stop into The Warehouse At Huck Finn today to experience the comfort a new Serta mattress can provide. Our mattress specialists are here to help you learn about the different features of the mattresses we have, and how they will improve your sleep. Shop from our exclusive Serta mattress brands today!

Uncover What’s Inside

What feels best to you? Discover the technology used in Serta's different mattress types as you feel the different mattress technologies and uncover what's inside and what's different about each type.

  • Memory Foam - Foam support cores are used instead of the traditional steel coils in these mattresses. They provide the comfort feel sought after by many and are compatible with adjustable bed frames.
  • Hybrid - Newer mattress designs that combine memory foam materials with individually wrapped coil innerspring systems. Providing the comfort of memory foam with the support of innersprings.
  • Innerspring - Traditional mattresses featuring steel coil innersprings and topped with different materials. Now providing advanced body support.

Find Your Perfect Mattress and Sleep Comfortably Today!

iComfort from Serta

Our showroom mattresses have been organized and arranged by comfort level and technology type so that you can easily find your perfect Serta mattress. The memory foam used in the Serta Mattresses at The Warehouse at Huck Finn include TempActiv technology to help you find the best sleeping temperature while providing the proper support and cushioning your whole body needs.

Advanced technology = Life Changing Sleep!